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Open Discussion: What is Open Hardware?

Sat, December 01, 2018 4:00 pm CET

What are open data? What does free access mean? The series of discussion »What is Open...?« brings together committed initiatives from Karlsruhe for an open discussion on topics that concern us as citizens of digital worlds. Discuss with us!

The discussion series »What is Open ...?« is the result of ZKM's close collaboration with Fablab Karlsruhe, OKLab Karlsruhe, Entropia e.V. and Freifunk Karlsruhe in the context of the exhibition »The World as a Field of Data«. The aim of the series is to enable a public and open discussion about topics of living in digital worlds – in an atmosphere in which everyone can ask questions and participate.

In addition to the views of the exhibition organizers and participating initiatives, we explicitly invite the participants from the audience to share their opinions and contribute their questions and impressions.

The discussion will take place five times in total – always with the same discussion partners, but at each meeting on a different question and under the direction of another of the five initiatives.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the initiatives directly:


All dates:

01.09.2018,4–6 pm:What is »Open Codes«?(ZKM | Karlsruhe)
13.10.2018,4–6 pm:

What is Open Data?

(OKLab Karlsruhe)
03.11.2018,4–6 pm:

What is Open Source?

(Entropia e.V. CCC Karlsruhe)
01.12.2018,4–6 pm:What is Open Hardware?(FabLab Karlsruhe)
06.01.2019,4–6 pm:

What is Open Access?

(Freifunk Karlsruhe)


Organizing Organization / Institution

ZKM | Karlsruhe
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Accompanying Program
  • Initiatives involved:


ZKM | Center for Art and Media

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76135 Karlsruhe

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