Metamorphosis – Reading Group
Buchdruckabbildung einer Pflanze in neon-grün
Becoming (with) Plants
Mi, 03.11.2021 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr CET, Workshop
Sprache: Englisch

For individuals and families, registration required – limited number of participants!

Drawing inspiration from insects, microbes and plants, the reading group creates a space for a collective reflection on metamorphosis, radical transformations, mutations and collective change. As a group to read together, share perspectives and exchange knowledge in the ongoing ecological, climate and social crisis. Texts from a diversity of fields and genres – such as science fiction, poetry, philosophy, natural sciences, anthropology and arts – open a critical zone for discussions on biocultural diversities, interdependencies and multi-species relationships in more-than-human ecologies. 

In this session we are unearthing roots of other-than-human personhood and engage with plant perspectives as seeds for liberation from centralized and hierarchical organization.

Digital requirements: internet access, video conferencing capability (computer camera and microphone). The guided tour will be hosted on zoom. We will send you the Zoom link shortly before the workshop begins.


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